Each Consignor is given a pre-sale pass and one guest pass.

Referring 3 New Consignors

When you refer THREE new consignors to Rhea Lana's that bring at least 50 items, you will receive 75 percent of your sales! Be sure to tell your referral consignors to give us your name (email rebeccah@rhealana.com) when they register to consign.

Referring 5 New Consignors

When you refer FIVE new consignors (and they bring 50 items) you'll get 80 percent of your sales!


Yes, we know all of you are Super Moms, but at Rhea Lana's a SUPERMOM is a mom that volunteers for THREE or more 4-hour shifts during the 2-week long event. Super Moms are the first group to shop early during the Private Pre-Sale Event, and receive a free Rhea Lana's t-shirt. Our SUPERMOMS also get a special early Consignor Drop-Off (a special opportunity to avoid lines!) Two of the following shifts are required -- Consignor Drop-off, Pre-Sale and/or Sort Party.

Earn a Early Workers Presale Pass

Early workers are our second group of volunteers to shop the Private Pre-Sale Event. Early workers are required to volunteer for TWO 4-hour shifts during the week long event. One of the scheduled shifts must be during the Pre-Sale or Sort Party.

Earn a Workers Presale Pass

Workers shop the Private Pre-Sale Event after the Early Workers. Workers are required to volunteer for ONE 4-hour shift during the week long event.

Postcard and Poster Distribution

We are looking for moms and dads to help spread the word about Rhea Lana's of New Orleans by distributing postcards and posters to our target market...families with children. Possible places for distribution include preschools, daycares, dance studios, doctors offices and more. We will provide the list of locations to deliver the marketing materials...you just have to drop them off. If you are interested in assisting with distributing marketing materials, please e-mail rebeccah@rhealana.com. 10 locations = 1 Pre-Sale Worker's Pass

Meals for Workers

Provide a meal, snacks and drinks for our hard working volunteers and receive a Pre-Sale Worker's Pass. Look for 'Provide Meal' on the volunteer schedule.


***RETURNING THIS SALE*** Dad shifts are only 3 hours and count as a regular 4-hour shift! When dads work, their wives get to shop early! We need dads to volunteer for 3-hour shifts on our Pre-Sale night to help with security and helping shoppers carry large items. See schedule to sign-up...look for the shifts titled, 'DAD SHIFT'.

Yard Signs

Display one of our Yard Signs in front of your home or business! The Yard Sign is bundled with postcards to be delivered to 5 locations. Yard Signs and postcards can will be ready for distribution approximately 3-4 weeks before the event. All Yard Signs must be returned at 'Consignor Pick-Up'. Failure to return Yard Signs will forfeit your opportunity to volunteer with us in the future. Yard Signs are only available in certain communities.

1 Yard Sign + postcards to 5 locations = 1 Pre-Sale Worker's Pass. Please e-mail rebeccah@rhealana.com if you would like to assist with distribution of marketing materials.

Media Coverage

Do you have any connections that can provide us with Radio, Television or Newspaper Coverage? If so, you can earn a Pre-Sale Early Worker Pass.

Shopping Bags

If you can provide us with 1,000 large shopping bags (at least 16x20) you will receive a Worker's Pass.

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