What is VIP Consigning?

  • Standard Consignor makes a 65% commission on their sales. As a VIP Consignor, you would make 35% of your sales. You will be charged a $10.00 VIP Consignor fee (taken out of your Consignor check – you don’t pay it up front).”

  • If you want to Consign your nice items, but don't have time for consigning process, our VIP Program is your solution!

  • A VIP Processor will gather, prep, tag, enter, and deliver your items to our upcoming event! You'll still earn a Private Pre-Sale Pass.

  • Your items will be priced at 25-35% of retail.

What is required to participate in the VIP program?

We currently require our VIP Consignors to be All Star Consignors; this means their items will be marked to be discounted the last few days of sale and any unsold items will be donated to foster families and local non profits following the sale.

Can I Sign up for VIP for some items and do others on my own as a traditional consignor?

You can do both! You have the option to split your items between VIP Consigning and Traditional Consigning! If you want the big items out now like baby gear and furniture, but want to prep clothes and shoes yourself - you can! Or maybe you need the closet space now, but aren't quite ready to part with the toys. No problem! VIP Consigning is a great solution!

What percentage will I earn as a VIP?

VIP Consignors earn 35% of their sales if they drop off clothing items not on plastic hangers or 40% if dropped on plastic hangers. (Make sure hanger is shaped like a question mark when looking at the garment)

How Do I Pick Up My Check?

The Consignor check will be available on Pick Up day. If you do not pick up the check, it will automatically be mailed to you.

How Do I Get My Pre-Sale Shopping Pass?

Your pre-sale shopping pass will be sent to you in an email via EventBrite. If you prefer a pass be mailed, please contact us and we can mail one to you.

What Do I Do About Items That Don't Sell?

A requirement of VIP Consigning is to donate any unsold items to foster families and local, charitable partners following the sale.

Acceptable Items

We love baby gear, toys, books, maternity items, games, etc! Car Seats must be less than 5 years old and still have at least 1 year of life left past the expiration date. They also must be very CLEAN! If the seat has stains, food, dirt, etc., we are not able to accept it.

All clothes and shoes must be seasonally appropriate, less than 2-3 years old, and freshly washed/cleaned (please make sure clothing is odor free & free of pet hair as well).

For our Fall Sale, we will accept pants, long sleeves, sweaters, coats and jackets, hoodies, ski pants/gear, boots, flannel, fleece, plaid, corduroy, turtlenecks, gloves, winter hats, scarves and accessories, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas themed clothing, Halloween Costumes, school appropriate shorts and short sleeve shirts.

For our spring/summer sale, we accept spring/summer seasonal items such as: tank tops, swim suits, flip flops, sandals, white dress shoes, water toys, Valentine's day, Mardi Gras, Easter or 4th of July themed clothing. Clothing needs to be clean, odor free & with little wear and tear. If items have been in long term storage, please go through them and make sure they are current styles and clean. No stains, holes or excessive wear.

If you have outfits, please fold them together so your VIP Processor will know what goes together. Any items that require batteries must have working batteries and items must have all parts. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: If you provide items that do not meet Rhea Lana's quality standards (clothing with stains, holes, odors, excessive wear, dirty shoes, out-of-season items, items that do not work, or items we do not accept), your VIP processor will immediately donate them and they will NOT be returned to you. Please look over items and make sure you are dropping off good condition acceptable items.

How Do I Deliver Items to Processor?

Please drop off items in boxes, bags or bins. Keep in mind that whatever you drop items off in, will NOT be returned to you. We will keep drop off boxes, bags, bins etc. in order to transport items to the sale. Visit the consignor links under the main tab titled "consign" on our site to complete the google form expressing your interest in VIP Consigning. We will then be in touch!

Are there Any Item Limits?

We do not have an item limit, but please keep in mind that clothing for teens and juniors should be teen brands/styles that are appropriate for the season of the sale. Please review acceptable items list and make sure items are in good and working condition.

We Cannot Accept the Following Items

Recalled items
Any battery-operated toys, swings or bouncers, etc. that do not function as intended.
VHS Tapes
Used Underwear
Stuffed animals (unless they are Disney, Build-a-Bear or Talking/Animated)
Any items that are stained, torn or overly worn
Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or lost parts
Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (i.e. bags of all army toys, Barbie toys, all cars and trucks, etc.)
Breast pumps
& breast pump accessories Used bottle nipples/used pacifiers
Bedding larger than twin size Crib bumpers (unless mesh)

Are they any fees to participate in the VIP program?

VIP Consignors will have the same $10 consignor participation fee as traditional Consignors, as well as a $10 supply/storage fee. Those fees will be automatically deducted from your consignor check.